.015 – Litter Bin


A large-sized, highly practical basket: the outer structure houses an inner container fitted with a bag so that it can be rapidly removed and emptied.‎
Bent pipe structure, diameter 18mm, made of stainless steel or polyester powder coated steel tube and hot-dip galvanised steel.‎ Ready-equipped for fastening to the ground with bolts, the litter bin can hold 65 litres.‎

Urban spaces, large public areas and shopping centres have become integral parts of our living habits: more and more time is spent in these places.‎ Hence the idea of turning them into a domestic environment, as comfortable as possible, where social life can develop in full comfort.‎
This concept has led Diemmebi to design URBANTIME, the collection for street furniture and large areas.‎
Zeroquindici.‎015, completely made of metal, is characterised by a simple round pipe which can be bent and coupled in several ways, thus taking different shapes and allowing countless classical compositions or unconventional ones such as the Sofa.‎
The product range is designed for outdoor areas however it does not disdain indoor spaces, such as shopping centres, large covered surfaces, lounges, airports, railway stations, bus stations.‎
As for all the whole production of the company, special attention is devoted to the environment: the line is conceived to be completely recyclable and feature materials that don’t need maintenance.‎



Dimensions ZEROQUINDICI.015 | Litter bin with lid