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Smart tables for wireless charging

With Smartphone usage at an all-time high, battery anxiety is becoming the new norm, as the panoply of Apps we use to run our lives or businesses, becomes ever greater and more sophisticated. Carrying some sort of Charger has become a daily necessity never mind the...

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World-renowned bentwood Chairs are the backbone of the hospitality industry. We are proud to introduce Paged as one of our wholesale partners. The Paged holds its roots from the 19th century, where the factory based production on Michael Thonet’s invention – ‘Chair...

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44 Expert Tips For Your Restaurant

CREATE THE PERFECT AMBIENCE 1. Décor And Design Matters Michael Shen, restaurant reviewer and food photographer of ImStillHungry shares that service and décor are important factors in your customers’ minds. While both come second to food quality, it is these two...

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Get the word out about your grand opening

Grand opening. The phrase is both exciting and terrifying. A new restaurant is full of potential and possibilities. But one of the first great challenges is to get the word out. The task is more complex when it’s an independent restaurant, because you may be going it...

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Resonate with restaurant customers on Instagram

Hoping to increase your social media buzz? Instagram has become one of the most widely used social platforms, giving people the voice that Twitter and Facebook allow with more a visual focus. Attract the Instagram masses by giving your profile the attention it...

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Show you care: Promote your community involvement

Don't be afraid to talk about your good works and promote them to your community; it is a valid marketing tactic, and customers want to know that you care. Moreover, according to Edelman's goodpurpose® 2012 study, 72 percent of consumers would recommend a brand that...

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6 Tips for Making Restaurant Menus More Effective

If you are looking to give your menus a makeover and make them more effective, here are six simple tips to get you started. Strong marketing is obviously a big part of running a successful restaurant. When it comes to developing the right marketing plan for your...

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9 Essential Restaurant Design Tips

Ambience and comfort, along with good food and good customer service, are the foundation on which a successful restaurant is built. These essential qualities help your customers enjoy their meals and feel good about their visit to your establishment. While good food...

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Trendy Trends

Restaurant marketing has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. With the rise of the internet and the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, the vast majority of marketing efforts are concentrated online. But there are still effective marketing channels available...

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