Passenger Terminal Expo – Elevating Passenger Experiences: HFC’s Partners Shine

In the bustling world of airport terminals, every detail counts in shaping travellers’ experiences. At HFC, we take pride in our partnerships with leading brands such as Arconas, Auweko, and USM, bringing innovative solutions to airports across Australia and New Zealand. Recently, our esteemed partners showcased their latest offerings at the prestigious Passenger Terminal World Exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, further solidifying their position as pioneers in airport furniture and equipment.

Arconas, renowned for its cutting-edge seating solutions, captivated visitors with their ergonomic designs and focus on passenger comfort. From sleek seating arrangements to charging stations integrated seamlessly into furniture, Arconas demonstrated a commitment to enhancing airport lounges and waiting areas.

Auweko, specializing in waste management systems, showcased their environmentally conscious solutions designed to streamline waste collection and recycling processes in airports. Their innovative designs not only optimize space but also contribute to sustainability efforts, aligning perfectly with modern airport operations.

USM, known for their modular furniture systems, impressed attendees with their versatile and customizable designs. From check-in counters to retail displays, USM’s solutions combine functionality with aesthetics, offering airports flexible and elegant solutions to meet diverse needs.

The Passenger Terminal World Exhibition provided a platform for industry leaders, airport operators, and designers to explore the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of airport environments. HFC’s partners stood out among the exhibitors, highlighting their expertise and dedication to creating exceptional passenger experiences.

As distributors of Arconas, Auweko, and USM in Australia and New Zealand, HFC remains committed to bringing these world-class solutions to our region. Our collaboration with these esteemed brands ensures that airports in our area benefit from the latest advancements in airport furniture, waste management, and modular design.

At HFC, we understand the importance of creating welcoming and efficient airport spaces that leave a lasting impression on passengers. Through our partnerships and participation in industry events like the Passenger Terminal World Exhibition, we continue to drive innovation and elevate the standards of airport environments across Australia and New Zealand.

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