Chromis-Chromis. The reference to the aquatic world portrayed by Kensaku Oshiro for Arrmet results in a collection of seats for the community. Along with a wide range of accessories, Chromis is indeed the ideal chair for conference rooms or offices, but surprises us by the elegance and sobriety in its most refined version with padded seat.

The high availability to customization, perfectly in tune with the corporate philosophy, allows the designer to identify spaces and areas through endless colour combinations, just like Chromis-Chromis shoals, small gregarious fish, colour our seas with their neat formations. Debi tailoring skills combined with the proven base with V-stacking system allows chair stacking up to 10 pieces.

Suitability: Internal
Warranty: 2 years

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Arrmet’s seats and tables feature in some of the world’s leading restaurants and hospitality venues, infusing spaces with an unrivalled sense of Italian style. The Italian manufacturer’s unique fusion of craftsmanship and industrialisation results in pieces that are equally functional as they are attractive.
Arrmet manufactures products for indoor and outdoor use, and creates distinctive pieces that have, over the years, given the company a reputation for exceptional quality and attention to detail. While focused on creating a memorable experience for those who use their furniture, the company also remains committed to sustainability in their processes, and works hard to minimise their environmental impact. If you’re looking for unique, thoughtfully-designed chairs and tables for your next venue, look no further than Arrmet. Browse the Arrmet range online, or arrange a visit to our Abbotsford showroom today.

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