.H24 – Miami


MIAMI is a sun shade with a sturdy, linear metal structure and a minimal design, supporting a large rectangular shade.‎ The shade can be attached to all the tables in the Ventiquattrore.‎24 collection using the special brackets.‎ The highly technological fabric is inflammable and can block 98% of harmful UV rays.‎ The uprights are fixed on the short side of the table for a space-saving design.‎ MIAMI is available in the classic Urbantime colours: white and micaceous anthracite.‎

Urban spaces, large public areas and shopping centres have become integral parts of our lives.‎ Then, why not  turning them into a domestic environment where social life can develop in full comfort?
This concept has prompted Diemmebi to think of URBANTIME, a philosophy by which it realises and proposes its outdoor collections designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari.‎
Ventiquattrore.‎h24, made of steel and aluminium staves, reinterprets classical wooden and metal benches to suggest new types of use.‎
The product ranges is conceived for outdoor areas however it do not disdain indoor spaces.‎
All the products are designed and created to be completely recyclable and fully maintenance free.‎