inPower hub

The inPower hub is a sleek, wall-mounted counter system designed with an integrated inPower flex 3 module for people to charge their personal electronics. The hub offers a calm respite area, with ample room for short-term multi-taskers to pause, work, eat, take a phone call, and recharge.

-Can be mounted at three different heights: wheelchair, seated, and standing
-Incorporates an inPower flex 3 module with two AC receptacles and two USB-C ports for charging personal electronic devices
-Adds charging options to under-utilized wall space
-An optional panel creates an area of acoustic and visual privacy
-Multiple inPower hubs can be mounted side-by-side and connected through a single power outlet
-Easy to install and features minimal floor contact
-inPower stools are available to complement the seated counter height

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Width –  1575 mm
Depth – 508 mm
Height – 762 mm, 914 mm, 1067 mm


Legs – Powder coating
Table – Phenolic or Fenix surface in Arconas standard colors


Privacy panel
Wireless charging
No leg (for reinforced walls only)
inPower™ stools