Messmate (Rough-sawn) – Solid Timber Top

Our timber table tops are expertly manufactured in-house to your specifications.

We offer customisation of sizing, edge profiles and staining.


  • Large variations of pale browns, light yellows and light peach

Grain detail

  • Highly variable, dependent upon constituent timber species
  • Known for its characteristic gum veining, well defined rings and coarse textures
  • Large degree of raw surface texturing from sawmill, left as a stylistic feature (also known as ‘skip dressing’)
  • Dips and gum pockets common

Hospitality Furniture Concepts proudly uses sustainably and responsibly sourced timber species in our manufacturing.


Timber Stains

000 White Wash

100 natural

100 natural

046 light walnut - rustical

046 light walnut - rustical

014 mahogany

014 mahogany

151 dark walnut - brown

063 black

041 grey


PEFC – Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes


AFS – Australian Forestry Standard

Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC)
FSC® C113479

Recent Projects - using Timber Table Tops

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