Scope Table

The Scope table stands out for its material – cement. The table has internal reinforcements, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This table is made from concrete and incorporates a simple design but is an elegant addition to any household. These tables are great for indoor or outdoor as they are very plain and so you can work around them in terms of your decorative choices. Because of the simplicity of design, it means that these tables are very versatile and you can match them with almost anything. Whether this is a certain type of wallpaper or carpet, ornaments and decorations or simply just the decorations provided by nature such as trees and water. These tables are available in either rectangle or square shapes so you have a number of options when you are taking into consideration the space you have.

The outdoor concrete table is made from modern cement, a compound that is most commonly used in the trade industry and not as much when it comes to furnishings. This table fascinates and amazes at first sight, mainly because of the material it is made from. Although cement is generally considered to have a very rough appearance, the slenderness of this outdoor table concrete table is quite extraordinary and will provoke friendly interrogation when you have friends and relatives over for coffee. Each table has a different identification number on the underside highlighting the individual plan and therefore its uniqueness.

Material: Anodised aluminium structure with grey cement legs and top
Suitability: Internal and External
Warranty: 1 year


L 140 X D 140 Cm
L 200 X D 90 Cm
L 240 X D 100 Cm


750 mm      90mm

Dimensions above are an indication. This is part of our creative range and can be customised.

Colours and Finishes
Anodised aluminium structure with grey cement legs and top
Legs in solid European oak wood, internally reinforced with a steel core. The top is available in Pure-white laminate or black Fenix-NTM, a thermo-laminate with unique properties.

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