Who wouldn’t want to be embraced like this, as if in flight, with those swallow-wing armrests that evoke the sky and lightness? Who but Anderssen&Voll could give shape to our desire to relax before a trip or a meeting? Together with the Norwegian duo, we have created the WING TIP lounge chair. With its elegant and discreet volumes, it’s also ideal for waiting at an airport, in a museum, restaurant, office or home. And to live on our planet with respect and foresight, we have created WING TIP based on the principles of sustainability, from its shell made of a single recyclable material to its upholstery, without the use of glues, which envelops and protects. If we continue like this, swallows will always come back to see us



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An interpreter of great international designers, thanks to an all-Italian production that combines craftsmanship and automation, essentiality and respect for the environment, Lapalma produces furnishing elements for contemporary living spaces. The story of Lapalma is one of family, work and above all passion. Intuition, tenacity, know-how and stainless passion, such as metal, a material that the company has been skilfully working with for over forty years, combining it with wood, leather, fabrics and other innovative materials to create furnishing elements with clean, timeless lines. Lapalma has dedicated a collection of versatile, elegant and extraordinarily comfortable furniture to contemporary living spaces, which are fluid because they are changing. Unique and systemised furniture, soft and colourful in the variations that personalise each room. Furniture that is Italian in its craftsmanship and open to the essentiality of international design. Collaboration with leading designers has resulted in products that represent a perfect combination of design and aesthetics: chairs, tables, armchairs and stools - such as the iconic LEM, designed in 2000 by Shin +Tomoko Azumi - that have led to the company being fully integrated into major international projects - from hotels to shops, museums to airports. And it has won several awards. Workshop, carpentry, upholstered furniture workshop and assembly are the production areas, all inside the company, where a good balance between technology and the hand of man gives shape to an eclectic and elegant proposal with a strong focus on sustainability. Each stage of the production process reflects the company's great sensitivity towards the environment: from product design to the selection of the materials used through to disposal.
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From Italy, Lapalma produces recognisable deigns. Chairs, armchairs, stools and tables are the result of ongoing research, which creates and blends creativity and practicality.