Wormy Chestnut – Solid Timber Top

Our timber table tops are expertly manufactured in-house to your specifications.

We offer customisation of sizing, edge profiles and staining.

Highly variable timber, Australian Wormy Chestnut has a unique appearance – the result of the hardiness of Australian trees enduring wildfires, seasons of drought, flooding and insects.
These features produce a similar appearance to recycled messmate. Known as Australian Chestnut when handpicked to be free of features.



  • Overall, has mellow blonde colours blended with straw and light to dark browns

Grain detail

  • Red and black gum veining pockets, markings of wildfires
  • Pinholes and squiggly black features resulting from ambrosia beetles
  • Non-uniform grain patterns and sap lines

Hospitality Furniture Concepts proudly uses sustainably and responsibly sourced timber species in our manufacturing, where our suppliers comply with:


PEFC – Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes



AFS – Australian Forestry Standard



Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC)

FSC® C113479