How to pick outdoor furniture for your hospitality venue

Outdoor furniture can have a significant influence on the look of your venue. Just like the interior of your establishment, the outdoor space needs to reflect the character of your café, restaurant, bar or other hospitality / public space environment. That’s why it’s so important to choose outdoor furniture that shares the same design principles as the rest of your premises.

Picking out outdoor furniture pieces can be just as exciting as interior decorating. Especially when you realise just how easy it is to improve the look and feel of an area with a few simple furniture additions. Today, we’ll share with you some top tips for choosing the right outdoor furniture for your business.

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Choose your style

Before you start looking for furniture pieces, consider the brand personality of your business. Does your brand personality foster a formal or more relaxed environment for patrons? What colours or shapes are prominent throughout the premises? These are all important questions to ask before you start looking for outdoor furniture. Once you have clarified your brand personality, it’s time to choose a specific style for your outdoor furniture. Popular styles at the moment include minimalist and colourful. Choosing a style will help you narrow down your choices.

Choosing a style early in the design process also ensures that you create a cohesive look with furniture pieces that match. You can also achieve this look by being consistent with your colour scheme. There’s likely to be a palette of colours, reflecting your brand, that you would like to see conveyed throughout your entire venue.

If you are going for a minimalist look, for example, you may want to stick to crisp mono-chrome colours. If you want to really make a bold statement with your outdoor area, you may choose a few bright colours or one pop of colour to incorporate.

Space conscious furniture

When choosing your furniture, it’s also important to think about how your outdoor area is utilised. Think about whether your furniture will need to be moved around regularly. Venues often need to adapt to customer demand and as more customers come through during peak service times, it’s vital that you can accommodate them.

Having the ability to re-arrange furniture will enable you to serve more customers and make a larger profit with ease. Lightweight furniture can easily be moved around to change the layout of your area. These furniture pieces are fantastic for scenarios such as transforming a sit-down area into a function space for cocktail events.

If you have a small venue, you may want to look into space conscious choices for your outdoor area.

If you are working with ample space, you’ll likely have a lot of flexibility with where and how your furniture can be arranged.

If you are working with a large space, you can still use these space-conscious furniture options for events or parties. Extra chairs, stools, and tables can always be kept in storage until they’re needed for large event bookings.

Quality of materials

Whilst aesthetics are a priority, you also need to consider how resilient your outdoor furniture is. If your outdoor areas are constantly exposed to weather conditions, your furniture will need to withstand harsh sunlight, rain, and strong winds.

The materials and craftsmanship of your furniture will determine how durable it will be against weather conditions. Aluminium is a smart option because of its durability and low density. Thanks to its resistance to corrosion, aluminium furniture will not rust from any exposure to rain and is easy to clean. A simple spot clean after a shift is all you need to maintain the look of aluminium furniture. Wiping down your furniture with a damp cloth will easily remove dirt, dust, or food stains.

Additionally, aluminium is an extremely lightweight material. Aluminium furniture will be easy to move around anytime you redesign the layout of your outdoor space.

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If you’re looking for a resilient, stylish, and eco-friendly outdoor furniture option, consider Zaneti. Based in Europe, Zaneti is well known for creating lightweight aluminium outdoor furniture that injects style and personality into any outdoor space.

The design team at Zaneti create timeless outdoor furniture pieces made from raw materials that are still incredibly lightweight and durable. Zaneti designers also create these furniture pieces with sustainability in mind.

All Zaneti furniture materials are sourced from suppliers with strict sustainability standards. Production methods have also been changed to significantly reduce energy consumption. All paints have also been applied in a zero-release facility and are fully recyclable.

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