Show you care: Promote your community involvement

Don’t be afraid to talk about your good works and promote them to your community; it is a valid marketing tactic, and customers want to know that you care. Moreover, according to Edelman’s goodpurpose® 2012 study, 72 percent of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t, which is a 39 percent increase since 2008.

How can you demonstrate your involvement in a genuine way?

  • Go for the long haul. Instead of hosting a one-time charitable event, invest your time and money in a cause your company can support for the long term, something that you and your employees care about and would feel good about promoting. Encourage staff at all levels, from waiters to managers, to get involved in the charity or nonprofit by serving on boards or volunteering their time. This will showcase to the community a deeper commitment on your part. According to the Cone, Inc. Cause Evolution Study, consumers said they are more likely to patronize a company that has made a long-term commitment to a focused issue that shows what the company stands for.
  • Take advantage of social media. Location-based applications such as Instagram and Facebook Places will help make your cause marketing and your guests’ dining out experience more engaging.
  • Be transparent: Transparency is key to effective cause marketing. If a company does not effectively explain how their purchase, involvement, support, etc., will impact a cause, then 34 percent of consumers will either opt for another brand or simply walk away, reports the Cause Evolution Study.
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