We have always defined ourselves by modifying the space around us.
The objects that inhabit our lives truly reflect us and relate our experiences through shape. SCAB Design has been creating these objects for 60 years, conceiving them as they will be in your hands and modelling them so that they can be used every day.
Our production has always been completely Italian, with the three production units we own in northern Italy.
We have been working technopolymer materials with a pioneering spirit since the 1970s, finding innovative solutions ahead of the times. We have also reached results of very high quality, obtaining the full recognition of our production capacities with the brand name Covestro made with Makrolon®, for the products made of polycarbonate.


Quality is conceived to construct objects that are not only aesthetically remarkable but essential in their daily use. A team of specialized architects, designers, engineers and consultants follows every single product in the entire production cycle with a spirit of craftsmanship in large-scale production. The certification of the chairs and the furnishing elements, for your guarantee, is for us a choice and a reason of pride. Catas performs the tests that allow us to constantly reach the highest level in the tests of resistance, stability and load, even in the most intense uses.