Avenue Folding Chair

Polypropylene seat and backrest make this folding chair extremely lightweight, ensuring easy handling and storage. Its versatility shines in rapid assembly and disassembly, perfect for various events. Choose from white, black, light grey, or dark grey options.

The Avenue boasts a robust frame crafted from powder-coated tubular steel, ensuring both stability and safety. Its seat and backrest are fashioned from resilient polypropylene, and its non-abrasive plastic feet shield outdoor surfaces from harm. Drainage holes in the seat facilitate easy rainwater runoff, making it ideal for outdoor settings. With its weather-resistant materials, this chair is a dependable choice for any outdoor gathering.


The Avenue is equipped with fixed connectors at the top and bottom, allowing for seamless linking with consistent spacing between seats to form fixed rows. Chairs can be effortlessly hooked together, streamlining the linking process, assembly, and disassembly. This integrated connection system ensures efficient installation, and optional transport, assembly, and dismantling services are also available.

Material: Polypropylene Seat & Backrest with Metal frame
Dimensions (l x w x h): 0.45 × 0.50 × 0.90 m (17.72 × 19.69 × 35.43 in)
Sitting height: 0.61 m (24.02 in)
Weight 3.5 kg (7.72 lbs) per piece
Accessories: Block signs, seat and row labels
Additional Information: Withholding up to 300 kg (661.39 lbs)
Transport: 150 chairs per stillage
Stillage dimensions: 2.35 x 1.20 x 1.20 m (92.52 × 47.24 × 47.24 in)
Weight per stillage: 400 kg (882 lbs)
Up to 22 stillages resp. 3,300 chairs per semi-trailer
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Linking Connector, Integrated Linking, No Linking



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