Dimo Bench

A versatile seating solution designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Crafted with durability in mind, this bench features a robust galvanised steel frame that ensures long-lasting performance.

The teak-wood timber seat of the Airport Modular Bench serves a dual purpose by creating a calming atmosphere for travellers. Timber’s natural warmth and earthy aesthetic have a proven soothing effect on people, making it an ideal choice for reducing anxiety in the airport environment.

The Airport Modular Bench not only offers travellers a comfortable place to rest but also enhances the overall airport experience, combining functionality, durability, and modern design.

Power Integration

Whether you need a comfortable seating arrangement in a bustling terminal or an outdoor waiting area, this bench’s modular design allows for flexible configuration to suit various spaces and layouts. Options to include power, USB and USB-C




URBANTIME is a registered trademark of the DIEMMEBI company, which for more than 30 years has been devoted to bringing Italian style to the furnishings of environments open to the public: schools, conference rooms, airports, hospitals. URBANTIME is a brand created to bring the same quality, passion and style to outdoor public spaces: parks, streets, bike paths, swimming pools, hotels. Over the years, this sensibility has grown, so much so that a showcase has become a true brand able to offer innovative and timely solutions to the growing demands of the market. The time we spend in urban public spaces and outdoors in general deserves the same attention and quality as the time we spend in our homes. For this reason Urbantime, literally urban time, was born. URBANTIME is the collection of furniture created to make these moments of each of our lives comfortable: when we wait for the train, when we enjoy an ice cream in the shade of a tree in a deserted square, when we allow ourselves a minute of recovery before the next training block along a bike path. Each product is the result of a chain of "minds" passionately dedicated to the same mission. The minds of those who thought them up join those who support or engineer them, those who produce them, those who tell them, those who promote and then install them, and finally those who use them.