Panky is the modular and customisable seating system for furnishing waiting and reception areas, based on the 2027 trestle frame that allows it to be combined with operational office furnishings. The creation of a Panky configuration entails 3 simple steps, shown hereafter: choose the frame, available in 3 lengths; compose the sofa with cushions, cushions with back and/or armrest, tops; and finally join up the composition with 45° or 90° connections, whether composed of service tops or cushions.

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As pure expression of Made in Italy, Gaber interprets that balance between craftsmanship and industry by creating furnishings able of satisfying the tastes and needs of its international audience, with a high level of customization and a wide range of finishes. Production efficiency, combined with continuous research and development and great attention to detail, create versatile, practical and durable furnishings: seating solutions, tables, desks, workstations, solutions for acoustic improvements and furniture accessories. Gaber designs, develops and produces furniture for the contract world, responding to the needs of design, flexibility and quality thanks to the high level of expertise achieved in the molding of plastics and metal processing. The result is a stunning collection of contract furniture for both indoor and outdoor settings. Materials, colors and finishes are an integral part of a product's design. Finding the right combination, defining and redefining the details that make each product original and unique, are part of the process that allows Gaber to offer innovative products every day. Research, technology and developments assist the company in the production of new emotional tactile feelings on surfaces made for interior design. The places of sharing and meeting must be able to accommodate different identities and know how to adapt to everyone's taste. Therefore the space becomes a container of sounds and words, declined in compositions of colors and furnishings that become part of a sensorial experience.