PLY 471V

PLY 471V: Chair with massive beech legs of oval section.‎

This Project is an exercise of lightness in the solid, a simple shape that transmits character with its discreet and light formula.‎ The design of this chair and armchair starts from an agile expression: a high-quality leather,
that like a light and soft suit, it covers a metal or wood frame.‎ The body is a wrapping, like an envelope that hugs the chair architecture and helps doing his work.‎ Since a folded work, from the clarity and simplicity, the piece takes shape and hides in its back an only expressive license, which is not added, but emerges from its own expression of the body construction: two holes that outline a drawing of character.‎ It is a chair that tends to be a daily discreet company, a balanced piece able to live in any space.‎

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