A collection of imposing dining tables with a regular, rounded top and trestle legs reminiscent of workbenches and the archetypal table. Pleasantly minimal in look, they feature calibrated dimensions, striking textures and a manifest solidity. The colour range comes in different finishes, Ash bleached or dyed cocoa or new combinations colors in subtle shades in open pore finish. Top in MDF veneered Ash painted or lacquered, basic metal structure with the possibility of central meeting. The collection includes a square, round and rectangular table.

Table size:
L.125 x P.125 x H.75 cm
L.160 x P.90 x H.75 cm
L.180 x P.90 x H.75 cm
L.200 x P.100 x H.75 cm
L.220 x P.100 x H.75 cm
L.240 x P.100 x H.75 cm
ø 125 H 75 cm

Materials: metal frame, floor Ash.

Colours: Ash Natural bleached, dusty cocoa, tin grey or lacquered natural ash. Metal structure available in white, tin and black.