Liquid Disposal Bin Solution

The easy to use liquid disposal bin allows passengers to empty the liquid from their personal bottles before passing through security, or areas where drinks and liquids are not allowed.

Liquid Disposal Bin Top Funnel

The oval aperture at the top includes a plastic funnel which channels the liquids (up to 50 Liters) into the removable polyethylene (PE) tank inside. The plastic funnel includes a strainer to prevent objects from falling into the tank container. The material used for the casing of the bin is non-flammable.

Polyethylene Tank

The PE-tank container is suitable for temporary storage of beverages and is leak-proof. Draining is performed via a faucet which is attached to the tank container, meaning it does not have to be removed from the tank.

Door and Wheels

The bin-door is equipped with a snap-lock and not accessible for unauthorized personnel. The door is opened with a provided key and allows a quick and simple removal of the tank container or emptying via the attached faucet. The plastic funnel can be pulled out for cleaning. Wheels are a standard part of this bin to allow easy rolling to the next drainage point.