Paged hospitality furniture is known for its diversity in design, and is recognised by its solid woods and natural veneers. Paged is a manufacturer of choice for the contract market, offering its high-end designs for a vast range of interior design projects. To view our complete range of Paged furniture, book your visit to out Abbotsford showroom today. Elevate Your Venue with Paged Furniture. Explore the range of Paged hospitality furniture, including chairs, armchairs, bar stools, tables and side tables, perfect for your hotel, restaurant or café. Offering both exquisite handmade bentwood furniture and modern, upholstered furniture and accessories, Paged is suited to traditional and modern venues alike. For assistance in selecting the right pieces for your purposes, get in touch with our team today. With interior designers on hand, we can help with the entire venue design process, through to quotation and installation, making the furniture selection process simple. To get a quote on Paged furniture, give us a call today, or request a quote online. Simply add your favourite Paged pieces to your individual Quote List, which you can send off to our sales team, who will advise you on pricing, delivery and installation.

Paged stands as the original manufacturer of the iconic Bentwood A-1840 chair, also known as Princess, No.18, Thonet, a symbol of timeless elegance and craftsmanship. With a heritage dating back to the 19th century, Paged has mastered the art of bentwood furniture, and the A-1840 chair / stool is a testament to their enduring legacy. Each A-1840 chair carries with it a rich history and a promise of lasting beauty. Paged continues to honour tradition while embracing modern craftsmanship techniques, ensuring that this iconic chair remains a symbol of refined elegance for generations to come. Read more about the traditional No. 18 chair here >

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