Tuk Barstool H-W

Tuk is a collection that was created primarily for public spaces. A key feature of the Tuk family is the hexagonal panels that make up the bucket structure. They can be seen in the forms of the backrest, armrests and seat. The geometric, slightly rounded shape evokes associations with the modernist style of the ’60s and ’70s.

Accentuating the veneer on the outside of the furniture’s body underlines the geometry of its shape which is shared by all furniture in this family. Keeping the upholstered layer inside allows you to create interesting combinations of textures and colors between these two surfaces at the same time. Moreover, you will find additional value of this finish in the area of ​​functionality owing to natural wood properties.

Material: Beech
Suitability: Internal
Warranty: 2 years



1000 mm 550 mm 530 mm 760 mm