The Tadao line, created in homage to the famous architect with whom we share a minimalist approach and the creative use of the material, is the perfect synthesis of our philosophy: our study of the structure transforms the material into a stylistic symbol free from its physical weight and perceptions.

Tadao is the result of a long iterative process between structural study and design, accompanied by a painstaking and complex craftsmanship. The nuances and peculiarities of the material make each piece unique with many unreproducible characteristics.

The line is composed of three low console tables of different length and by a high console table.

All the items of the Tadao line are made by a single cast of fibre-reinforced concrete over a steel armour. A standard oil and water protective finishing is then applied. Stronger finishing treatments can be applied depending on intended use and customer request.

Use: indoor / outdoor.

Designer: Laura Mochi Onori, Gaia Rebecchini, Lorenzo Rebecchini

Make and materials: concrete, steel.

Colours: ardesia, perla, ombra, gianduia, custom.


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Forma & Cemento

Forma&Cemento is an Italian excellence in the art of crafting concrete. Founded in 2014 by individuals with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, yacht construction, and concrete production, our mission is to transform this traditionally humble material into a prized element akin to the finest marbles and sought-after woods, through skilled craftsmanship and careful structural study.