Smart tables for wireless charging

With Smartphone usage at an all-time high, battery anxiety is becoming the new norm, as the panoply of Apps we use to run our lives or businesses, becomes ever greater and more sophisticated. Carrying some sort of Charger has become a daily necessity never mind the constant battle to find a point to plug them in! Like complementary Wi-Fi which is now widely established and considered a given across many sectors, wireless charging is an extra service you can offer to your customers or employees to enhance their daily experience. Universal wireless charging solutions are the next step forwards with mainstream adoption of this built-in capability using the Qi standard looking set to increase and include 50% of all handsets by 2022. Aircharge - Contract Furniture Store Aircharge is a pioneer in bringing this wireless charging technology to public venues including office space, where it’s deployment can help brands enhance their services and connect with customers or employees in innovative and rewarding ways with it’s cloud-based IoT platform, utilising integrated Bluetooth beacon technology, giving Operators or Managers the chance to manage at differing levels. Aircharge - Contract Furniture Store Technology meets Design Aircharge is one of the most progressive designers of technology-driven interiors products in the UK. Through collaboration with office and furniture designers and architects, Aircharge enables wireless charging wherever it is needed the most. All seamlessly and beautifully integrated to create a premium feel and enhanced experience, leaving access to power outlets and cables a thing of the past. Aircharge can be installed into any of the Hospitality Furniture Store Concepts’s table tops or desks, with a surface or subsurface integration, delivering a seamless finish and enhanced experience. Smart Tables for Smart Phones! Aircharge - Contract Furniture Store Non-QI Device? Don’t worry! Through their range of receivers and accessories, we can enable non-Qi devices to enjoy the freedom of wireless charging. Aircharge - Contract Furniture Store Whenever, wherever & whatever Aircharge leads the deployment of wireless charging on a global scale and is rapidly creating the widest eco-system for Qi wireless charging, enabling you to top up your battery throughout the course of the day, no matter where you are and what you do. Aircharge - Contract Furniture Store

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