Boston Booth

A contemporary throwback to tradition, the Boston returns ostentation to the dining space.

Instead of concealing, the Boston showcases its attractive timber framing from the sides, which can be stained to blend intelligently with any upholstery colour and finish. The tufted button detailing to the backrest creates an impressive display of craftsmanship and detail, best paired with a leather or vinyl. Can be configured for stand-alone, linear uses or in a back-to-back style.

How it works
Create a truly unique interior for your space through our custom booth and banquette manufacturing process, where we will assist you in finding the perfect seating solution. Each design carries specific unit lengths, which can be lengthened and customised to suit any application.

To get started, we’ll need to know:

  • Your selected booth style;
  • The intended seating capacity/configuration of the space;
  • Your personal touches, selected from available upholstery and framing finishes (see below).


Standard unit dimensions

Height Depth Length Seat height
900 mm 600 mm Custom 450 mm