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Victorian Government Furniture Grant

Maximising your venues outdoor space





How It Works

It’s without question how hard the COVID-19 pandemic has hit our society, although no one has felt the impact most apparent than those in the hospitality sector. Not only effecting the everyday hours and accessibility of the business, but most importantly it has restricted the growth of the hospitality industry altogether.

Victoria will remodel its roads and footpaths to draw new blueprints for the expanded outdoor dining plan. The new outdoor dining infrastructure is a part of the state’s third step in the ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ process. The plan introduces a mandatory outdoor dining and seating to allow the Victoria’s lockdown restrictions to be lifted while still achieving a COVID-safe environment.

In this plan, local councils will receive funding from a $29.5 million share pot to help implement the streamlined licencing, planning and permit to make outdoor dining safe and practical. On top of that, a further $59 million will be used to issue grants for hospitality businesses to fund the purchasing of outdoor furniture and equipment to assist with the transition to COVID-safe outdoor dining.


No entry/eligibility details have yet to be confirmed by Vic Gov other than “grants will go towards hospitality businesses with an annual payroll of less than $3 million”. Experts advise to keep an eye out for further updates and complete details. Find here).


At Hospitality Furniture Concepts, we pride ourselves on our exclusive knowledge of outdoor furniture and the unique offerings that our range provides. It’s crucial to understand that indoor furniture cannot be re-purposed and used outside, this is due to difference in materials used in indoor/outdoor furniture and their ability to remain durable in all weather conditions and last through the changing seasons. Hospitality businesses have suffered enough, and we want business owners understand the various important considerations when selecting outdoor furniture so these pieces last for many years to come.



+ Design: Outdoor dining offers a unique marketing opportunity. It is crucial to consider the design of your outdoor space to be eye-catching and enticing. Selecting furniture that

+ Durability: Outdoor furniture needs a durability that indoor furniture cannot meet. The effects of wet weather, UV rays and uneven flooring are elements that can only be maintained with furniture customised for outdoors

+ Warranty: The investment of outdoor furniture should be protected and correctly cared for in order to maintain its original look. Indoor furniture commonly has a lesser warranty service protection then outdoor furniture provides

Victorian Government Grants

  • A $5000 grant to support outdoor dining spaces. Grants will fund the purchase of umbrellas, outdoor furniture, screens and other equipment learn more > 
  • A $10,000 grant through their Business Support Fund – Expansion which is currently in its third round learn more > 
  • $3000 grant through the Sole Trader Support Fund learn more > 
  • Up to $30,000 grant depending on the location and venue capacity of your business through the Licensed Venue Hospitality Fund learn more > 

    Local councils are also offering grants.

Get our guide on top things to consider when selecting furniture, how to style your outdoor space and marking it unique.