Stato B/T-Q-R

The STATO B table designed for bars and restaurants features a classic, minimalist design that blends seamlessly with the interior scheme of any public space.

The B/T low version comes with a round top, available in two sizes. The base, being compact in size, easily accommodates various seating arrangements, to meet the changing needs of patrons.

The B/Q version uses the same base and features a square top, which comes in two sizes, allowing a number of tables to be pushed together: this feature makes it an ideal option for restaurants that need to accommodate large parties and require the versatility to reconfigure spaces quickly.

Lastly, the B/R version is styled on the typical rectangular shape of bistro tables, and can be pushed together side to side or end to end to meet diner requirements.

The collection also includes the Stato A tall table.




74 cm 38 cm 60 cm


78 cm 38 cm 70 cm


78 cm 38 cm 80 cm

Pairing Ideas

Timber Table tops

Made in house - we can adjust size, stain and more

compact laminate

Many sizes and finishes

Other materials

Made in house - we can adjust size, stain and more

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All projects by Colos emerge from the opportunity given to young designers from various nations to encounter the world of Italian industry. This encounter between the designers’ esthetic and functional research and the company’s great industrial experience leads to solid and elegant products which are developed within an optimized production process.
The manufacturing is exclusively carried out in the company factories in Loria, Italy. In doing so, Colos can ensure the quality of its products and of the working conditions of its personnel. Ethical, durable and affordable: this is what a Colos product is to us.